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75980   This light-weight tubular reel provides an easy way to store and unreel drop wire, coaxial or other small diameter cables.

• Removable outer flange that adjusts to two different widths: 4.25 in. or 5.00 in. (108mm or 127mm)

• The reel will hold any coil of wire with a minimum 15 in. diameter eye and the outer flange has a nominal OD of 25 in.

• The inner flange is permanently mounted and features an adjustable brake to control the payout speed

• A built-in handle makes taking up wire a snap

• Accessory mounting bracket allows the reel to be secured when in a moving vehicle

• Its durable green finish helps protect against corrosion. The C Drop Wire Reel has been a time tested storage reel for decades. Typical capacity for storage is as follows: It can hold 1,000 ft. of PE-7 .160 in. x .295 in. standard drop wire, 1,250 ft. of .140 in. x .275 in. drop wire or 1,500 ft. of .130 in. x .220 in. drop wire.

Ordering Information

P/N Description Weight

75980 Model C Drop Wire Reel 38 lbs. (17kg)
75981 Mounting Bracket 5 lbs. (2kg)
Click on image above for a larger view of the C Drop Wire Reel

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Click on image above for a larger view of the 75981 Mounting Bracket

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Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions

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