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  The "Breeze" cable blowing machine is designed to meet the growing need for FTTX installations.

The Breeze can install both microcable and blown fiber (blown fiber available with add-on kit) and it is the only machine on the market with this capability, so it saves you money.

The high/low torque switch makes it easy to select the torque range to install microcable or blown fiber.

The design of the Breeze provides for quick and easy component changes for different cable or duct sizes.

Its compact size and portable maneuverability makes the "Breeze" ideally suited for external or in-building use. The compliant, double driven rollers provide a secure grip while safely handling micro fiber cable. The pushing force, up to 35 lbs. (16 kg), can be adjusted to suit the cable stiffness. The unit has variable speed control.

The "Breeze" uses compressed air to install the cable. In operation, the electrically powered, two-roller drive system controls the cable as it is propelled into the duct. An electronic monitoring system provides read-outs of speed and distance, and includes an emergency stop button.

The main features include:

• Cable diameter 1 to 8.5 mm (1-2.5mm Blown Fiber available    with add on kit)

• Duct diameter 4 to 18 mm

• Speed 0 - 164 ft/min (0 - 50 m/min)

• Two self-centering rollers (with soft covers) drive the micro fiber cable

• Light weight aluminum housing.

• Quick change rollers with one simple tool

Breeze Tool Kit
Breeze Tool Kit

• Accessories include a multi-purpose carrying case/working stand, a rugged accessory case, tool kit, and more


• 110/220 volt switchable AC power supply

• 35 CFM (1 m3/min.) at 200 - 220 PSI (15 bar) pressure recommended for optimum performance

In order to customize your new "Breeze" to your application, please go here

When ordering, please have Tube and Cable dimensions available.

The "Breeze"
Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine
P/N 89010 Weight: 50.6 lbs (23 kgs)

Recommended Air Compressor for Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

The Air Compressor is designed specifically for use with our Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines. This reliable & efficient screw compressor, powered by a gasoline engine, provides a maximum working pressure of 220 psi (15 bar) with 35.3cfm (1000 litres/m) flow.

The compressor is modified to include an after-cooler and water separator. The output air is filtered and conditioned to optimize the performance of our micro fiber cable blowing machines. The compressor package includes a 50 foot 3/4" diameter air hose for connection to the microfiber cable blowing machine.air compressor

Engine: Honda 21 hp
Fuel Cap.: 5 gal (20 liters)
Length: 42" (1070 mm)
Width: 31" (800 mm)
Height: 30" (780 mm)
Weight: 487 lbs. (221 kg)

Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor
P/N 89011 Weight: 487 lbs. (221 kgs)

Optional Step Down Transformer70553

This transformer unit is recommended for use with the Breeze machine when the using a 230V generator or other 230V voltage source.

• 230V – 115V Step down
• Continuous rating 0.5KVA
• Waterproof to IP44

P/N 70553 Weight: 22 lbs. (10kg)

Transformer safety instructions

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Configuration and Accessories

Cable Seal ID Chart

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Common Replacement Parts

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