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How to Use Your Apollo Lasher

2.0 Precautions
3.0 Description
4.0 Operation Instructions
5.0 Troubleshooting
6.0 Maintenance
7.0 Options & Other Miscellaneous Information
8.0 Repair/Replacement Parts List
Apollol Manual (pdf)

1.0 General Information

This manual covers the care, operation and maintenance of your GMP Apollo cable lasher, which you can use to lash cables up to 3.5 in. (89 mm) dia. to suspension strand, or smaller cable sizes to an existing lashed cable and strand. The Apollo has the capability to lash up to a 4 in. (100 mm) bundle of any assortment of innerduct, fiber, copper and coaxial cables as well. The strand sizes range from .25 to .38 in. (6 to 10 mm) diameter, inclusive.

This machine is intended for use only by properly trained journeyed linespeople or other craftspeople under the direct supervision and responsibility of those individuals. As such, this manual's scope is specifically limited to the machine's functions, and no attempt is made to describe the proper procedures for placing and lashing aerial cable plant.

We cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect consequences arising from use of this product by any individuals not already properly trained in its use.

The following conventions will be used in the manual:

Warnings - must be followed to avoid bodily injury.

Cautions - must be followed to avoid damage to equipment

- contain important information and useful tips on the operation of your Apollo lasher.

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