Introducing GMP Out-of-Warranty Flat Rate  Repair

With our flat rate charge, we took the unknown out of your lasher repair cost. All our model-specific prices are published on this page and include return domestic shipping (international, alaska, hawaii and puerto rico shipping rates apply).   Each unit, is stripped down to its basic components and inspected for any damage or excessive wear. Any component that does not pass our detailed inspection process is replaced with a brand-new component.

Note: May, 2022
We are no longer supporting repairs on the original G lasher. The Super G is our current lasher and fully supported.


Why Repair with GMP? Simple, we do it best! With Over 75 years of Lasher design and repair experience, there is no comparison to an OEM repaired unit.

Our Repair Process Includes the Following:

  1. Each unit is disassembled and cleaned
  2. Components are inspected for wear or damage and replaced if they do not meet our strict OEM specifications
  3. Each Lasher is reassembled using the same process and standards as every NEW GMP Lasher is built
  4. Finally, each repaired lasher is tested using the same process and equipment as for every new GMP Lasher


Procedure for sending your unit in for repair

  • You are responsible for the shipping cost to get your lasher to us for repair.
  • Please, no packing peanuts. Not only are they terrible for the environment but they are a pain to clean up after we open your box.
  • Please return all parts that were originally sold with the lasher.
  • Click here on the form link , and submit the completed and signed form to customer service. They will return the form to you with Repair No. and repair lead time.
  • Before sending your lasher in, you must receive a completed repair request form back from customer service INCLUDING your Repair No. Please include a copy of the form with each lasher that is being sent in for repair.
  • Failure to attach a completed Repair Request form (including the repair number from customer service) to your lasher, may result in a $150 processing fee
  • A repair Customer Service Representative will notify you via email when your lasher is received
GMP Flat Rate Lasher Repair Request PDF

Send the lasher pre-paid to:

General Machine Products (KT), LLC
3111 Old Lincoln Hwy
“Attention Repair Department”
Trevose PA 19053

Include your name, address and phone number, and any special instructions.

For inquiries or questions about our repair services or lead times, please contact one of our repair service representatives at:



Model Specific Flat rate repair price:

C/C2 Cable Lasher$2250.00
J/J2 Cabler Lasher$2630.00
Apollo Cable Lasher$3360.00
Super G Cable Lasher$7010.00

Beyond Economic repair threshold- what happens?

Each lasher model has a BER ( Beyond Economic Repair) value, which is listing below:

C/C2 Cable Lasher$3,375.00
J/J2 Cable Lasher$4,025.00
Apollo Cable Lasher$5,050.00
Super G Cable Lasher$10,495.00

Our Flat rate repair price covers parts and labor up to these BER values. If Parts and labor for your unit go beyond this BER value, you will be notified for authorization to proceed. These units can still be repaired; however, a new flat-rate costing structure will apply, see below.

C/C2 Lasher$4,725.00
J/ J2 Lasher$5,635.00
Apollo Lasher$7,070.00
Super G Lasher$14,695.00

If a customer decides they do not want to repair a unit that is BER, return shipping is paid by the customer.


If the customer required conversion from J2 to J2B, pricing is listed below. We no longer repair C lashers, however, conversion from C to C2 price is listed below

C to C2$2,750.00
J2 to J2B$3,060.00