Our largest pole mounted work platform, the GMP 2000 Balcony was designed to accommodate the larger capacity cross connect cabinets.
  • The 23 in. (584mm) D x 30 in. (762mm) W non-skid wooden seat hinges back for storage and is locked by a bronze latch that’s usable from either side. When you’re ready to work, just release the latch and the seat will swing down into place. Once you’re done, fold the seat up and secure it with the latch so snow, water and debris won’t accumulate.
  • The 37 in. (940mm) H rear guard railing along with balcony entrance steps on both sides, give you extra safety and convenience
  • All frame parts are produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel for corrosion resistance


Important Safety Notice:
We at GMP do everything we can to make all our products as safe as possible. But no matter how safe we make them, there’ll always be some risks inherent in working on exposed aerial installations.

To help minimize those risks, follow these simple tips, whenever you’re working aloft.

Tethers: Always wear a body belt and safety strap when working aloft. It could mean the difference between a little embarrassment and a bad fall if your ladder or platform should fail.

Practices: Your utility company wrote them for one reason: to protect you! Be sure you know all the practices that apply to your work before you do it.

It won’t take long, it’s easy to do, and it’ll help protect you, your company and your community if something goes wrong.

P/N 79281   2000 Cabinet Balcony   Weight: 120 lbs. (54 kgs)

2000 Cabinet Balcony