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Customer Service: 215-436-6236

Product price and availability
Order Status
Order tracking
Placing a new order
Lost shipments/shortages
Requesting invoices or packing slips

Mary Konopka: 215-436-6301

Kyle Haywood: 215-436-6245

Product Repairs
Technical Support
Lasher/spinner parts
Winch parts and questions

Kyle Haywood: 215-436-6245

Brian Hackford: 215-436-6228

Sales Representatives:

US Sales East of the Mississippi   Cory Grant: 1-518-419-3385

US Sales West of the Mississippi  Brian Hackford: 215-436-6228

Canadian Sales
Lasher ship dates for non-contract sales

Kyle Haywood: 215-436-6245

Contract Sales
Lasher ship dates for contract sales

Ted Clemens: 215-436-6277


Accounts Payable: 215-436-6246
Accounts Receivable: 215-436-6278



Luke Gallagher: 215-436-6233

Leslie Velez: 215-436-6224


Ed Trasastti: 215-436-6239
Mary Konopka: 215-436-6301