The 400CFM Compressor Aftercooler has been designed to cool compressed air and remove water droplets prior to entering a GMP Cable Blowing Machine
P/N 89065 400 CFM Compressor Aircooler
  • Features a heavy-duty moisture separator with manual drain for removal of trapped moisture and condensed oil
  • Completely self-contained and packaged in a construction skid with a lifting bail and expanded metal heat exchanger guard
  • Boss outlet fitting (Boss 28) and inlet fittings (1-1/2 in. Pipe) are standard
  • DC fan motor is run from the compressor battery and automatically starts when the system is pressurized
  • 13-foot power cord with alligator clips to connect to the compressor starting battery
  • Optional 1-micron coalescing filter available
  • Adaptable stand-alone or tongue-mount design
  • Compact installation does not interfere with vehicle tailgates, etc.
  • Cools air to within 20° of ambient temperature to optimize moisture removal
  • Available in either 12 or 24 volt versions


Length: 24 in. (610 mm)
Width: 44 in. (1118 mm)
Height: 30 in. (762 mm)
Weight: 170 lbs. (77 kg)
Fan Power Requirments9 A, 24 VDC or 18 A, 12 VDC
Max Working Pressure 200 psi (13.9 bar)
Max Air Compressor Flow Rate 400 cfm (11 M³/Min)
Air Hose Connections Output: Boss 28
Input: 1-1/2 in. Pipe


The aftercooler’s fan voltage must be selected to match the compressor’s battery voltage.
The following chart shows some compressor manufacturers and the corresponding typical battery voltages:
24 volt-Doosan/Ingersoll Rand
12 volt-Atlas Copco/Sullair

Please confirm the compressor’s battery voltage in your specific application before ordering the aftercooler.

P/N 89065   400 CFM Compressor Aftercooler with 24V Fan   Weight: 170 lbs. (77kg)
P/N 89073   400 CFM Compressor Aftercooler with 12V Fan   Weight: 170 lbs. (77kg)

P/N 74162    Foot kit for 400 CFM cooler


P/N 70493
Complete 2 hose cooler fitting kit for 400 CFM Air cooler
(Kit includes ALL fittings and (two) 4 jaw hoses to connect from compressor to inlet side of cooler and outlet side of cooler to Blower)
P/N 70494
Cooler Fitting Kit for 400 CFM Air Cooler
(Kit included ALL fittings for inlet and outlet of air cooler to connect 4 jaw hoses, this kit DOES NOT include any hoses)

400CFM Compressor Aftercooler