The air feeder pipe seal provides an air and moisture-tight seal in the ends of air feeder pipe prior to placing the pipe. The pipe seal is compatible with aluminum lined , polyethylene tube commonly call CA 3131 air feeder tube (.710 in. O.D. and .600 in. I. D.).
  • Consists of a body which includes an automotive-type tire valve, rubber bushing, knurled shell, washer, nut and valve cap
  • To use, first expand the bore of the CA-3131 pipe with a C pipe shaper
  • The seal is place into the prepared end of the pipe and then the nut is tightened with a 9/16 in. wrench to expand the rubber bushing for the seal
  • Pressurize the pipe to approximately 15 psi, and check the pipe for leaks with E Pressure testing solution

P/N 08553     B Pipe Seal     Weight: 3 oz. (85g)

Air Feeder Pipe Seal