Use two or more of these handy tools with planking to form a temporary platform in a manhole or cable vault.
  • Provides a maximum open working position of 78 in. (198cm) and a minimum closed working position of 35 in. (89 cm).
  • The Manhole Platform Support is constructed of high-strength 6061 T6 rectangular tubing and provides a maximum working load limit of 500 lbs.
  • Featured are three telescoping tube lengths, connected to two hangers that fit on the cable racks at opposite sides of the manhole
  • The inner tube section has a reinforced rubber latch that locks onto the outside of the outer tube to keep the tubes from accidentally extending during handlingOrdering Information and Dimensions
    P/NDescriptionWeight (kgs)
    7036435 - 78 in. (89 - 198)12 lbs. (5)