The latest word in aerial cable lashing. Perfect for all telcom cable construction, including Coaxial and FTTx cable. With its light weight and parallel-pull capability, you’ll string cable quickly and easily, over all outside plant cable routes.

From the company that pioneered the modern automatic lasher with Western Electric back in the 1940’s…. comes Apollo… a machine that’s lightweight, easy-to-handle and simple to operate and maintain.

The newest addition to GMP’s line of proven lashers, Apollo has all of the versatility and performance features you need to easily handle today’s broadband lashing applications, solving all of the problems associated with pulling parallel to the strand and through densely crowded cable routes.

GMP engineers designed Apollo using computer-aided design and finite element analysis to achieve its high degree of durability without any excess weight. Then, we employed the very latest in high-speed CNC machining to make every part fit and perform exactly as designed. Like all our lashers, Apollo is built to last. After all, this is not just any spinner, it’s a GMP lasher.

No other lasher or cable spinner will give you all of these advanced features and operating benefits:

  • Lashes any telcom cable/innerduct combination up to 4 in. (10cm) diameter
  • Parallel-pull capability overcomes all terrain obstacles
  • Interference-free over-lashing with no modifications
  • Positive slip-free gear drive (no belts) tested in excess of 1 million cycles
  • Lashes to strand sizes 1/4 in. to 3/8 in. (6 – 10 mm) diameter
  • Holds two coils of industry standard wire .045 in. x 1200 ft. (1.1mm x 365m) or .038 in. x 1600 ft. (1mm x 488m)
  • Provides adjustable tension of lashing wire, affording tight or loose lash
  • Wire tension constant regardless of amount on spool
  • No lasher backroll when pulling force removed
  • Front rollers guide cables through the machine
  • All smooth edges throughout provide 360° protection against cable damage
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to handle
  • Manual clutch release allows speedy span transfers
  • The Apollo and every GMP lasher is fully serviceable to “good-as-new” specifications at our factory and at factory-trained service locations around the globe.
  • Protected by U.S. Patents #6,398,189 and #6,062,542

Each Apollo lasher also includes a 6 ft. (2m) towing bridle and a rugged, weather-tight storage chest to securely protect your lasher investment while it’s not in use.

Ordering Information:

P/N Description Weight
70400 Apollo Lasher 47 lbs. (21.3kgs.)
03165Bridle Rope Assembly only (photo)3 lbs. (1.4 kgs)
70190Towing Lanyard (250 lbs. WLL) 35 ft. (10.7 m) 3 lbs. (1.4kgs.)
 Apollo Lasher w/Chest Shipping Weight 53 lbs. (24kgs.)

Apollo Cable Lasher