Used for maintaining continuity when slack is cut in or out of cable pairs or when cable pairs are transferred. These 6 ft. (1.8m) long cords provide simultaneous connection between the tip and ring sides of a cable pair to maintain continuity.
  • Each end of the cord has a transfer Cable Clip with separate dual needle point assemblies. One jaw at each clip is colored red and the other is black. This facilitates placing the clips on the cable pairs in proper polarity.
  • Each insert assembly consists of a threaded cup filled with needles suitable for contacting pulp and strip paper insulated wires. The insert assemblies can be removed with a screwdriver for cleaning or replacement.
  • B Transfer Cord clips are designed to accommodate any 26-22 AWG plastic, paper, and pulp insulated pairs
  • For 19 AWG wire, choose the C transfer cord

To engage a clip onto a cable pair, twist the pair slightly to spread the wires, place the knife edge of the clip in the opening, and push the clip forward until the wires meet the stops in the clip. Make certain that proper polarity between clips is maintained by matching colors when the clips are attached to the tip and ring sides of a cable pair.


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