Two of these heavy-duty B cable reel jacks can support cable reels weighing up to 12,000 lbs. (5400kg) while you install or remove aerial, underground or in-building cable.
  • The jack consists of a steel A-frame, a tee which accepts a 2 1/2 in. (63mm) diameter spindle bar, a screw assembly and a three-hole adjusting nut with a detachable 36 in. (91cm) lever bar
  • The tee of the jack accepts a standard cable reel spindle 2 1/2 in. (63mm) in diameter and has a 3/4 in. vertical locking pin hole in the center
  • The spindle is 63 in. (160cm) long with a 3/8 in. diameter locking pin hole 4 in. from each end. The spindle must be ordered separately.
  • The height of the jack, from the base to the center of the spindle, ranges from a minimum of 29 in. (74cm) to a maximum of 48 in. (122cm) when fully extended
  • The jacks are sold individually


Ordering Information

74530 B Cable Reel Jack86 lbs. (39kg)
74531 Spindle46 lbs. (20kg)

In general, cable reel jacks should not be used in cable or strand placing operations that require braking of the reel.

These operations should be performed with the reel mounted on a trailer that is equipped with a brake.

When used on soft or uneven ground the jacks should be placed on heavy planks or lags to prevent sinking or tipping. A reel of cable may weigh as much as several tons; therefore its movement must be controlled at all times. Careful watch must be maintained throughout the operation to ensure that the reel is level and that the jacks have not sunk into soft earth.

Jacks should be stored flat to minimize the possibility of tipping, and with the screw assembly fully retracted to protect the threads.

B Cable Reel Jacks