The C Pressure Regulator works with your gas cylinder to control outlet pressure when you’re charging cables during pressurization.
  • It’s a two stage regulator: the top stage has a 0-3000 psi high pressure gauge with three scales for finding gas volumes (SCF) and pressures in both 224 and 24 cu. ft. cylinders: the bottom stage features a 0-50 psi low pressure gauge for monitoring outlet pressure
  • Weights approximately 6 lbs. and has maximum over-all dimensions of 7 x 6.5 x 6.5 inch
  • Inlet fitting is CGA 555 left hand inlet (female) P/N 82211
  • Also available is a special version with CGA 580 right hand male inlet fitting P/N 82213

Ordering Information

82211C Pressure Regulator with CGA 555 left hand inlet (Female)6 lb 4 oz. (2.8kg)
82213C Pressure Regulator with CGA 580 right hand inlet (Male)6 lb 4 oz. (2.8kg)
70119Optional Female/Male Adaptor1 lb (.45kg)

C Pressure Regulator