Cable Block Frames are used to support  E Cable Blocks (P/N 74055) when pulling in prelashed or self support aerial cable.
  • Five frames to choose from for various pulling situations

Select the frame you need from the table below, then add the number of blocks required for installation.

C Cable Block Frame
D Cable Block Frame
B Cable Block Frame











Ordering Information:

P/NDescriptionApplication# BlocksWeight (kgs)
74060B FrameEnd Poles17 lbs. (3kg)
74061C FrameIn Line Poles16.5 lbs. (3kg)
74062D FrameLight inside corners (4 ft. to 8 ft. pulls)112 lbs. (5kg)

Available Replacement Parts for Frames

Frame Accessories
E Cable Block with Halo
E Cable Block with Halo

Cable block Frames