Cable Block Frames are used to support  E Cable Blocks (P/N 74055) when pulling in prelashed or self support aerial cable.
  • Five frames to choose from for various pulling situations

Select the frame you need from the table below, then add the number of blocks required for installation.

Ordering Information:

P/NDescriptionApplication# BlocksWeight (kgs)
74060B FrameEnd Poles17 lbs. (3kg)
74061C FrameIn Line Poles16.5 lbs. (3kg)
74062D FrameLight inside corners (4 ft. to 8 ft. pulls)112 lbs. (5kg)
74063E FrameHeavy inside corners (8 ft. to 50 ft. pulls)222 lbs. (10kg)
74064F FrameAll outside corners (4 ft. to 50 ft. pulls)231 lbs. (14kg)

Available Replacement Parts for Frames

Frame Accessories
E Cable Block with Halo
E Cable Block with Halo

Cable block Frames