These drills let you make clean cable holes for placing flanges in 1 in. (25.4mm) dia. or larger paper or pulp insulated lead or plastic sheath cable.
  • Available with either a .221 inch (5.6mm) dia. or .480 inch (12.2mm) dia. shank
  • The double-ended hollow bit is secure to the shank of the knurled, aluminum-alloy handle with a steel nutTo bore a hole, just twist the drill into the cable until the drill turns freely; you can then remove the slug with the spring loaded ejection-pin built into the handle


Ordering Information

67970.221 inch Drill (for 1/4 inch dia holes) 8 oz. (.23kg)
67971.221 inch Drill Bit only 1 oz. (.28g)
75330.480 inch Drill (for 1/2 inch dia. holes)1 oz. (.28g)
75331.480 inch Drill Bit only 1 oz. (.28g)

Cable Drill