These simple split nozzles provide easy connections between our cable feeders and the conduit being entered
  • Each nozzle is made from high strength, thin wall steel for a wider ID that permits use of larger pulling eyes
  • Nozzles are available for either round or square conduit while still being compatible with our round cable feeders
  • The nozzles are split for easier removal after the cable has been placed and both halves are marked with the nozzle size
  • The nozzles are available for straight connections ( a 4 in. cable feeder going into a 4 in. conduit) or for reduced connections ( a 4 in. cable feeder going into a 3 in. conduit)


Ordering Information

* Discontinued…Limited stock available…Call for details

P/NFeeder Size Conduit Size Conduit Shape
*605904 in.3 in.Round
*605934 in.3.50 in.Round
605964 in.4 in.Round
*605985 in.6 in.Round
*700095 in.3 in.Round

Cable Feeder Nozzles