Aluminum Roller Cable Feeding Sheaves


Cable can be fed from any angle
The cable can be fed from any angle
The sheaves slide into the end of the conduit in a manhole wall, allowing the cable being fed into the conduit to roll smoothly over the sheave from all angles
  • The frame is made from steel for durability while the sheave is made from aluminum alloy riding on oilite bearings.
  • The sheaves have a split tube for easy removal after the cable is installedNote: These sheaves are not designed for use with fiber optic cable due to bending radius limitations. Please contact our Sales team for specific product recommendations.


Aluminum alloy roller Cable Feeding Sheaves

Ordering Information

70570for 3" duct Schedule 8017 lbs. (7.7kg)
70566for 4" duct Schedule 8023 lbs. (10.4kg)
70567 for 5" duct Schedule 40 27 lbs. (12.2kg)

 Cable Feeding Sheaves