Cable Pulling Harnesses


This convenient product will allow multiple pulls at one time by attaching 2 to 4 cables or ducts to the puller.

The slings are manufactured from aircraft quality wire rope

  • The various “legs” are staggered in length so the individual connections are not interfering with each other. The lead coupler can be easily dismantled to change out a leg or to add another leg
  • Each leg is marked with load capacity and they are pull tested to 3 times that rating. The safety factor of 3:1 is based on equal pull on all cables, (horizontal pull only)
  • Other sling configurations are available upon request


Ordering Information

P/NNumber of LegsMaximum Harness WidthSafe Working LoadWire Rope DiameterLeg Lengths
7029832 1/4 in. (57mm)2000 lbs. (9kN)1/8 in. (3mm)7 in., 10 in., 15 in.
7029933 1/8 in. (79mm)5800 lbs. (26kN)1/4 in. (6mm)10 in., 18 in., 26 in.
7030033 1/2 in. (89mm)8400 lbs. (37kN)3/8 in. (10mm)16 in., 25 in., 36 in.
703124 2 1/4 in. (57mm) 2000 lbs. (9kN)1/8 in. (3mm)7 in., 10 in., 15 in., 19 in.
703134 3 1/8 in. (79mm) 5800 lbs. (26kN)1/4 in. (6mm)10 in., 18 in., 26 in., 35 in.
7031443 1/2 in. (89mm) 2000 lbs. (9kN) 3/8 in. (10mm)16 in., 25 in., 36 in., 48 in.