The CB Drawbar serves the dual purpose of both a drawbar and load binder. Two standard lag screws or bolts are required (not supplied). They are inserted through the holes drilled in the drawbar channel, securing the drawbar to the king pole. The remaining poles loaded around the king pole are lashed securely to the king pole with the cable of the pole binder.
A pole binder handle with a maximum diameter of 1 5/16 in. will fit the pole binder lever socket.

• The CB Drawbar is designed for heavy duty service and is supplied with a heavy drop forged pintle ring

• Use pole and drawbar combination when hauling extra long poles on trailers not equipped with extension tongues

• Rated at 5 tons or 10,000 lbs.

• Length: 45 in. Pole Binder Cable: 5/16 in. (8mm) x 8 ft. (244cm)
  Pintle Ring: I.D. 2 5/8 in. (66mm)    O.D. 5 5/8 in. (142mm)

P/N 08137   CB Trailer Drawbar   Weight: 88 lbs. (40kg)

CB Trailer Drawbar