CD3 Continuous Duty Winch
CD3 Continuous Duty Winch


CD3 Continuous Duty Winch

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The best cable pulling winch your money can buy for long continuous pulls. Comes in a new reduced size package incorporating the best features of the Adams CD Winches you’ve used for years and loaded with new performance features and value.

• Specifically designed for the placement or removal of communication cable or electrical conductors, in both aerial or underground applications

  • The Adams CD3 Winch is rated for continuous duty in compliance with SAE J706, and has a bare drum pulling capacity of 24,000 lbs. (106.8kN)
  • Helical gears drive the winch for high efficiency and durable performance
  • Installation was simplified to give this winch the lowest installed cost compared to any other continuous duty winch in its class
  • The compact design, 51.85 in. wide, allows easy mounting between the cabinetry of your line trucks
  • For ease of installation, we supply SAE rated bolt-on mounting brackets. For ease of removal for service or remounting in a new chassis, welding has been eliminated.
  • Hydraulically driven, our Three Speed Transmission provides true “shift-on-the-fly”, using the two spool valve supplied
  • Full Load Brake, is a spring applied, hydraulically released. Designed to hold the rated load up to 24,000 lbs. on a bare drum. The brake is non-directional, meaning you can pull-in or power-out when required without overheating.
  • Level-wind mechanism for 7/16 in., 1/2 in. or 9/16 in. wire rope (specify exact o.d.), which distributes the wire rope onto the drum in tight, even lays. The Level-wind can be supplied in overwind or underwind configuration at no additional charge.
  • Air-Shift-Clutch makes free spool operation simple. Push a button to engage or disengage the drum clutch and pull off the wire rope
  • Free-Spool caliper drag brake with remote actuator is supplied to control over spooling
  • A Drum Guard has been incorporated in the new design to control the cable if the drum is over spooled
  • Drum Shaft Extension is supplied with each winch, custom made to match the body width of the truck. The maximum allowable pull when using the drum shaft extension is 1,500 lbs. (6.7kN) using a standard 7 in. (18cm) diameter capstan P/N 10727.

    Maximum Rated Line Pull & Line Speeds Hydraulic Tri-Drive Three Speed Transmission

    Max. Rated Line Pull Force

    Control Valve Position
    Bare Drum
    lbs. (kN)
    Full Drum
    lbs. (kN)
    High7100 (31.6)3800 (16.9)
    Intermediate13500 (60.1)7300 (32.5)
    Low24000 (106.8)13000 (57.8)
    Max. Rated Line Speeds

    Control Valve Position
    Bare Drum
    lbs. (kN)
    Full Drum
    lbs. (kN)
    High113 (34.4)210 (64.0)
    Intermediate72 (21.9)134 (40.8)
    Low45 (13.7)84 (25.6)

    Hydraulic system flow 30 GPM (114l/min.) maximum; Hydraulic system pressure 2,400 psi (16548kPa) operating with 2,500 psi (17328kPa) maximum relief valve setting.

  • Winch line speed is based on 9/16 in. (14.3mm) diameter wire rope
  • The line pull ratings shown are for the winch only. Consult the wire rope manufacturer for wire rope ratings

    Drum Storage Capacities For Typical Wire Rope Diameters ¹

    in. (mm)
    Feet (Meters)
    7/16 in. (11.1mm)2,630 ft. (802m)
    1/2 in. (12.7mm)1,890 ft. (576m)
    9/16 in. (14.3mm)1,890 ft. (576m)

    ¹ For SAE rated wire rope capacities, use 90% of the values shown.

    Minimum GVW of 30,000 lbs. required for installation

P/N 70524   Adams CD3 Continuous Duty Winch   Weight: 1600 lbs. (725kg)

CD3 Continuous Duty Winch