Use two or more of these handy tools with planking to form a temporary platform in a manhole or cable vault
  • Provides a maximum open working position of 73 in. (185cm) and a minimum closed working position of 35 1/8 in. (902mm)
  • Each Manhole Platform Support provides a maximum working load limit of 400 lbs. (180kg)
  • Each unit features three telescoping pipe lengths, connected to two hangers that fit on the cable racks at opposite sides of the manhole
  • The middle pipe section has a friction ring latch that locks onto the outside of the inner pipe to keep the pipes from accidentally extending during handling
  • The hangers pivot so that you can use the supports even if the racks aren’t directly across from each other
  • There is a spring latch on each end for locking the support in place when in use
  • Two wire stops extending through the pipes prevent over-extension of the telescoping sections
  • Each is supplied with a thin film of oil on the exposed surfaces to minimize rusting and to reduce friction between the telescoping surfaces

P/N 08633     Model D Manhole Platform Support     Weight: 15 lbs. (6kg)

D Manhole Platform Support