This compact, lightweight folding tent is the industry choice for reliable shelter when working on aerial cable from single or multicable suspension strands, and even for ground work on buried plant cable closures.
  • You can set the tent up by yourself in only minutes on most any suspension strand or GMP Manhole Guard, or on two manhole racks driven into the ground and equipped with 3/8 in. x 4.50 in. carriage bolts
  • The tent’s heavy cover is of UL Listed/CPAI-84 compliant flame-resistant duck for water resistance, heat retention and breathability unmatched by synthetic materials
  • The cover’s translucent top that lets light in but keeps snow and rain out. A vertical opening on each side gives you an easy entrance and exit
  • Each opening closes securely with rope lacing, and has a T-shaped opening to accommodate a second cable if each cable is supported on opposite sides of the pole
  • The drawstring in the bottom hem lets you gather up the lower part of the tent to cut down on drafts. The upper portion is reinforced to reduce wear from ladder side rail contact
  • When you need open access on all sides, a pair of ropes sewn into each sidewall lets you roll up each wall and secure it out of the way.
  • The heavy-duty frame has three bows with hinged comers so you can fold the legs for storage or placement of the tent. A clamp assembly holds the tent’s legs in place on the strand
  • Each clamp has an adjustable screw with a large, low-effort hand knob so you can quickly attach it to the strand without tools
  • One of the two side bows on each clamp can be detached so you can mount the tent on the lower strand of a multicable installation. Just detach the bow, pass it over the upper cable, and re-attach it so the cable passes through the tent between the center and detachable bows
  • Two plastic-coated canvas straps attached to the bows minimize strain on the tent cover. Each side bow has two guy ropes with a tent slide and snap hook for extra anchorage and easy placement and removal

    Dimensions: 8’8 in. (260cm) H x 48 in. (122cm)D x 42 in. (107cm) along the strand.

    Replacement frames and canvas or synthetic covers also available separately; contact us for details.

P/N 82290   D Workmen’s Tent   Weight: 30 lbs. (14kg)

D Workmen's Tent