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C Desiccant Master bag of 10 – 113-gram bags
B Desiccant moisture absorbing material is a safe, easy-to-use drying agent that helps get rid of excess moisture in splices, cable ends and splicing materials. Our B Desiccant is a moisture-absorbing material which resembles sand in consistency. It is ideal for use with plastic or paper insulated cable. It’s packaged in sealed, screw-top, moisture-proof cans and poly/foil Mylar laminate bags.

C Desiccant lets you thoroughly dry out pulp or paper insulated conductors, coax cable, and spiral-four conductors. It is packaged in dust-proof bags and ten (10) bags are in a master bag.

Each can contains a moisture indicating capsule, fastened to the inside surface of the lid. This capsule, when exposed to moisture or excessive humidity, will change from blue to a pink color indicating that the desiccant has been affected and should no longer be used.



Ordering Information

07008B160 gram can5.6 oz. (160g)
no inventory
B650 gram can22.8 oz (650g)
no inventory
C4 oz.bag (10/Large Bag)2.5 lbs (1.1kg/can)

NOTE: Although desiccant is a harmless substance, it should be handled carefully to avoid inhalation. Whenever handling desiccant it is recommended that eye protection be used.

Desiccant should not be used in splices containing only plastic-insulated conductors.

The quantity of desiccant required is dependent upon the number of cable pairs. As a general rule divide cable pair count by 6 to obtain the quantity of B desiccant in grams.

Desiccant moisture absorbing material