This self-vulcanizing, high-voltage rubber tape is specially designed wet-weather splicing.
  • You can use it on cable splices that are going to be placed
    underwater, underground or in any high moisture environment

  • When applied to the cable, it fuses perfectly into a single mass, making a fully waterproof splice
  • It’s a two-ply, elastomeric tape consisting of a white ply of
    unvulcanized tacky compound, tightly bonded to a darker ply of
    vulcanized compound

  • The white ply comes with a removable separator to cover the
    face prior to use

  • The tape provides more than 350 Volt/mil (1380 V/.01mm) of
    dielectric strength, a 25 lbs./sq. in. (4.4kg/cm2) tensile
    strength, elongation of at least 500% and excellent tackiness

  • Each roll is packaged in protective heat-sealed polyethylene


Ordering Information

68631.045 in. (1.14mm) T x .75 in. (19mm) W x 15 ft. (4.6m) L
5 oz. (.14kg)
68632.045 in. (1.14mm) T x 2 in. (51mm) W x 15 ft. (4.6m) L15 oz. (.42kg)