Prevent your figure 8 (Self Supporting) or prelashed cable from spiraling while you’re pulling it by using this ingenious tool.
  • The E Cable Leader is 12 ft. (3.65m) long and consists of several hinged weights which normally hang vertically to resist cable and strand rotation. It also contains a tipper bar assembly (in the front) for attaching the pulling-in rope sling and swivel, and a special tip assembly for attaching a cable grip, replacing the provided strand grip.
  • The E Cable Leaders have ample tensile strength of 6500 lbs. (2948kg), enough for most cable pulling applications
  • A modified version with nine sections and a tow hook (instead of the grip at the rear) is available for attaching a pulling eye or strand dead end
  • The weights are arranged to fold into the supporting framework when passing over a cable block. The tipper bar and special tip are equipped with screw keepers for retaining the pulling-in rope sling, strand grip and the cable grip.


Ordering Information

P/NDescriptionWeight (kgs)
79600Standard Cable Leader48 lbs. (21.8kg)
79601Modified Cable Leader50 lbs. (22.7kg)

E Cable Leader