E Pressure Testing Solution


Available in either ready to use solution or concentrate, this versatile fluid can positively identify leaks in not only lead and polyethylene cable sheath, but air pipe, sleeves, splice cases and fittings as well.
  • The solution is packaged in a 16 oz. full strength (473ml) bottle (4 bottles/pkg). Also supplied in an economical 1 gal. concentrate (3.8l) jug.
  • For warmer environments mix the concentrate in an economical 1:2 ratio with water and for colder temperatures down to 10°F (-12°C) use a 1:1 ratio
  • We also offer a Hand Spray Attachment for the 16 oz. plastic bottles
  • Order all three (3) items and build a reusable leak detecting system for convenience and economy


Ordering Information

828701 gal. Concentrate9 lbs. (4.1kg)
828714-16 oz. Bottles/pkg 5 lbs. (2.3kg)
82872Hand Spray Attachment2 oz. (.06kg)
82873Hand Spray Attachment w/shut off2 oz. (.06kg)

E Pressure Testing Solution