Electric Capstan Hoist


This versatile 1,000 lb. (454kg) capstan is the perfect partner for overhead and underground lifting and pulling applications. The unit is small and lightweight, making it perfect for use in remote and limited access areas.

Safety Features:

  • 1,000 lb. (454kg) capacity
  • Lightweight (only 38 lbs. (17kg) w/o universal bracket)
  • Power Source: 115 Volt AC
  • 40 ft./min. (12.2 m/min) Rope Speed
  • Remote Foot Control Switch included
  • Steel capstan drum with larger radius at load-line wrap and zinc-plated rope surface

Simplify Heavy Tasks:

  • Raising Transformers
  • Hoisting Heavy Insulators
  • Stringing and Tensioning
  • Setting Utility Poles
  • Pulling Underground Cable

Ordering Information:

89600Electric Capstan Hoist and Foot Switch48 lbs. (21.7kg)
89620Steel Storage Case36 lbs. (16.3kg)
89621Rope Lock Device2 lbs. (.91kg)
89622Universal Bracket26 lbs. (11.7kg)
89610** Electric Capsan Hoist Kit112 lbs. (51kg)

** Now available — Electric Capsan Hoist Kit (brochure)

Kit Contains:

  • Electric Capstan Hoist and Foot
  • Steel Storage Case
  • Rope Lock Device
  • Universal Bracket
    Electric Capstan Hoist