This item is used for deflecting suspension strand temporarily to obtain sufficient slack in aerial cable to facilitate splicing and maintenance operations.
F Slack Puller Use
F Slack Puller Use
  • In making a repair opening in cable that is not cut, the slack puller is used to provide sufficient slack to test, identify, and repair the conductors
  • Can be used on cable supported by 6M, 6.6M, 10M, or 16M strand. May be used in operations involving lashed or ring supported cables at lead sleeves, splice closures, and cable terminals
  • Consists of a welded steel arch shaped frame supporting grooved rollers at each end, a lifting screw assembly, and a ratchet handle
  • Attached to the frame is a shackle and safety chain tether to prevent accidental dropping from the strand

    NOTE: Do not use slack pullers on 2.2M strand or on any strand forming a part of self supporting type cable. Also, should not be used on rusty or pitted strand as the added tension may cause the strand to break.

P/N 08245   F Slack Puller   Weight: 14 lbs. (6kg)

F Slack Puller