Fiber Optic Shackle


Fiber Optic Shackle when secured to the pulling irons, will allow you to mount up to two Fiber Optic Quadrants or a single Fiber Optic Split Sheave for ease of cable placement.
  • This lightweight, all aluminum shackle provides a maximum load strength of 3000 lbs. (1360kgs)
  • The shackle is made of two U shaped members, each of which has a separate swiveling safety hook on one end. Both members are joined by a special bushing. An L shaped locking pin (included) 15/16 in. (33mm) diameter fits through this bushing to support both quadrants or sheaves.
  • To change, add or remove a quadrant or sheave, all you have to do is remove the locking pin; the shackle stays together
  • A knurled knob is attached to the shackle by a wire rope that lets you open it on one side for easy removal, even when there is a continuous section of cable running through the shackle
  • Two self storing spacers come with each shackle to securely hold a single quadrant or sheave in place. When you want to use more than one quadrant, you can stow the spacers on one end of the pin using a handy built in bearing detent.
  • There’s even a stop pin built into each member to keep the shackle from closing completely in either direction

P/N 70045   Fiber Optic Shackle   Weight: 30 lbs. (13kgs)