Underground Fiber Optic Shackle with Underground 40 in. (102cm) Split Fiber Optic Sheave


This new sheave and shackle, or “bicycle wheel”, combination is designed to accommodate the special handling needs of pulling fiber optic cable. Among the unique features are a lightweight design, one-size shackle and the reduction of loose parts.
  • 32 in. (81cm) and 40 in. (102cm) sizes are split to accommodate less than 32 in. diameter manhole
  • Sheaves are lightweight aluminum construction with self-lube bearings
  • Captivating pins on shackles prevent cable damage when not under tension
  • For overhead applications 24 in. (61cm) sheave with shackle provides generous bending radius for fiber optic cable up to .6 in. (15mm) diameter
  • All removable hardware is retained for security
  • The new sheaves are available in three sizes to accommodate the bending radius of the most common sizes of fiber optic cable; a 24 inch sheave, 32 inch, and 40 inch split sheaves
  • All components are permanently attached to the shackle, eliminating any concern about loose or lost parts
  • Extruded aluminum replaces steel wherever practical. The new components weigh about half as much as their all-steel counterparts, improving handling and maneuverability without sacrificing structural strength or integrity. The 40 in. (102cm) sheave, for example, weighs just 23 lb (10kg). Likewise, the 32 in. (81cm) sheave weighs just 20 lb (9kg), and the 24 in. (61cm) just 9 lb (4kg).
  • Both an underground and aerial shackle is available. The underground shackle is uniquely designed with a movable anti-pinch pin to accommodate all three sheave sizes. Both are designed to be lightweight, the underground shackle weighs just 20 lb (9kg) and the aerial shackle just 16 lb (7kg).


Ordering Information

71548Underground Fiber Optic Shackle (requires Fiber Optic Sheave)20 lbs. (9kg)
71549Overhead Fiber Optic Shackle with 24 in. (61cm) Fiber Optic Sheave29 lbs. (13kg)
7155024 in. (61cm) Fiber Optic Sheave only13 lbs. (6kg)
71551Underground 32 in. (81cm) Split Fiber Optic Sheave only18 lbs. (8kg)
71552Underground 40 in. (102cm) Split Fiber Optic Sheave only30 lbs. (17kg)
71554Overhead Fiber Optic Shackle (Requires 24 in. Fiber Optic Sheave)16 lbs. (7kg)
71560Underground 24 in. (61cm) Fiber Optic Sheave & Shackle Assembly - working-load: 2,000 lbs.33 lbs. (15kg)
71561Underground 32 in. (81cm) Split Fiber Optic Sheave & Shackle Assembly - working-load: 1,250 lbs.38 lbs. (17kg)
71562Underground 40 in. (102cm) Split Fiber Optic Sheave & Shackle Assembly - working-load: 1,250 lbs.50 lbs. (23kg)

Fiber Optic Sheave and Shackle