Fiberglass Extension Handles


The fiberglass extension handles are made of light tubular fiberglass, 1 1/4 in. in diameter.
  • Are completely interchangeable with and slightly lighter than the wooden handles
  • The life of the fiberglass handle is greater than that of the wooden handle. Each has a special surface treatment for user protection from fiber pickup.
  • Each handle has a highly visible yellow color for extra safety in bad weather
  • Can be used with our wooden Extension section (P/N 66000)
  • The handles are available in the standard 6 ft. length as well as a 3 ft. length
  • Compatible with all GMP extension accessories


Ordering Information

241933 ft. Fiberglass Handles
(.9 m)
1 lb. (.45kg)
241946 ft. Fiberglass Handles
(1.8 m)
2 lbs. (.90kg)
1531021 ft. (6.4 m) Fiberglass Handles Set Includes:
one - 3 ft. Handle (P/N 24193)
three - 6 ft. Handles (P/N 24194)
7 lbs. (3.17kg)

Fiberglass Extension Handles