The furnace is used to heat materials used in splicing operations.
  • This efficient solder melting furnace delivers a hefty 43,000 BTU output on just 2 lbs./hour of conventional propane. To set up the furnace for use, connect the pressure regulator to the LP gas cylinder and the LP gas hose to the regulator and furnace. Use a regulator wrench to tighten all connections.
  • 8.25 inches high from base to burner surface
  • Optional base riser available to make it compatible with the GMP Four Panel Windshield P/N 70121


WARNING Asphyxiation Hazard


  • Do not use the furnace inside a manhole or tent
  • Do not use in unventilated areas
  • The flow of combustion and ventilation air must not be obstructed
  • Proper ventilation air must be provided to support the combustion air requirements of the furnace being used
  • Lack of proper ventilation air will lead to improper combustion
  • Improper combustion can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning leading to serious injury or deathSymptom of carbon monoxide poisoning can include headaches dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

P/N 70131   Utility Propane Furnace   Weight: 8 lbs.(3.63kg.)
P/N 70134   Utility Propane Furnace Base Riser (to make it compatible with GMP Four Panel Windshield P/N 70121)
Weight: 6 lbs.(2.7kg.)

Utility Propane Furnace