The GMP Guy Strand Cutter is a revolutionary new tool design for cutting guy strand cable up to 1/2 inch (12.7mm) EHS. At 11 lbs. (5kg), this progressive action cutter gives you enormous mechanical advantage in a compact tool that measures less than 30 inches (762mm).
  • The strand is pulled into the blades with each click of the ratchet ensuring a clean even cut.
  • Also cuts utility grade guy strand, mild steel rods and bolts, and similar materials
  • Makes clean, square cuts with minimal distortion
  • Increased mechanical advantage over non-ratcheting cutters
  • The cutting blades are made from precision ground, high alloy tool steel for long life, and a special hardening process to keep cutting edges sharp
  • Cutting requirements no bigger than 3/8 EHS, consider our compact cutter P/N 75244, half the size and weight.
  • To inhibit rust, the cutter head has a black oxide finish
  • For long life and firm grip, handles are epoxy coated
  • For greatest leverage, the ratchet can advance one tooth with each closing stroke

    Warning: Never use this tool to cut electrically live wire. Severe injury may result. Always wear approved eye protection when using this tool.

P/N 75254   Guy Strand Cutter   Weight: 11 lbs. (5kg)

Guy Strand Cutter