C High Pressure Gas Regulator


Helps control gas pressure when using pneumatic tools like a cutter or presser.
  • Regulator has two gauges that can handle pressures from 0-180 psi, with maximum flow of 1500 cu. ft./hr ( 42.5 cu m/hr.)
  • It’s a single stage commercial regulator specially modified to include a high pressure gauge and fitting for connection to a standard 224 or 24 cu. ft. nitrogen cylinder
  • The regulator has a single reducing valve and safety valve, controlled by an adjusting screw and two gauges
  • The high pressure gauge monitors pressure in the cylinder, while the low pressure gauge is for the regulator outlet



Ordering Information

75530C High Pressure Gas Regulator CGA 555 left hand inlet (Female)5 lb 10 oz. (2.6kg)
70119Optional Female/Male Adaptor 1 lb (.45kg)
CGA 555 left hand inlet

High Pressure Gas Regulator