Knife and Scissors Sharpener


Sharp cutlery is both easier and safer to use, and you can keep your cutlery at its keenest with this easy-to-use knife scissors sharpener.
  • Not only will it lengthen the life of your tools, but it’ll also help speed up your splicing by eliminating the bad cuts and frustration that dull tools can cause
  • Just draw the sharpener along the blade of your tool three or four times, and the original edge is restored in seconds
  • The two carbide bits in front are for sharpening knives; to sharpen scissors, just draw the non-serrated edge of your scissors, along the sharpener’s single side bit by resting the tool on a flat surface
  • There’s no tedious filing, and no cut knuckles either, because the built-in finger guard protects your hand

P/N 15475   Knife and Scissors Sharpener   Weight: 2 oz. (56g)

Knife Scissors Sharpener