Manhole Sheave


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The Manhole Sheave or “Pittsburgh” is used to guide pulling line or cable over the manhole edge when placing and removing cable in manholes which are equipped with pulling in irons to support a sheave and shackle assembly.
  • Consists of a reinforced, heat-treated wrought aluminum alloy frame with two self-lubricating, bronze bushed aluminum sheaves
  • The frame also has a hole in each side plate so you can insert a 1 1/4 in. (32mm) dia. digging bar parallel to the ground to keep the sheave from being knocked into the manhole
  • Approximate overall unit dimensions: 30 in. (762mm) L x 12 in. (305mm) W x 22 in. (559mm) H
  • Sheaves are available to accommodate cable up to 3 in. (76mm), 4 in. (100mm) or 5 in. (130mm) diameters
  • Standard units are rated at 7,500 lbs. (3.3kN) The 80975 heavy duty 5 in. model is rated for 10,000 lbs. (4.4kN)


Ordering Information

70283 3 in. (76mm) Manhole Sheave 32 lbs. (14kg)
70284 4 in. (100mm) Manhole Sheave 55 lbs. (24kg)
70285 5 in. (130mm) Manhole Sheave 65 lbs. (29kg)
80975 5 in. (130mm) (Heavy Duty) 74 lbs. (34kg)

Manhole Sheaves