Metaflux Chain Lubricant
Chain Lubricant


This Chain Lubricant is a fully synthetic, special chain lubricant for use in lubrication of the Tornado’s drive chain. Can also be used as a superior lubricant on any other machine which uses a chain.
  • Temperature ranged from 5° F to 480° F (-15° C to 250° C)
  • High penetration, powerful adhesion, no drips
  • Stable viscosity, and no effect on regular O-rings
  • Non-soiling, colorless, free of silicone and solid matter
  • Transparent with corrosion resistance up to one year
  • Long term protection even with high dust occurrency, resistant to hot and cold water

P/N 89153   Metaflux Chain Lubricant   Weight: 13.5 oz. (400ml)

Metaflux Chain Lubricant