Modular Plug Presser Use
Modular Plug Presser Use


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The only presser that works on every type modular plug, and guarantees connections to FCC specs, every time.

This ingenious tool is the most rugged, versatile and easy-to-use presser on the market. It makes mechanically sound, conductive connections in seconds with almost any modular plug available and lets you do it with one hand.

This tool is guaranteed to FCC specifications every time.

  • GMP offers interchangeable dies that will meet any application including 10-contact RJ 50 plugs, AMP and DECconnect® (MMJ) plugs, and Category 6 applications
  • The dies are interchangeable in seconds, without fumbling with screws and a screwdriver, components that can easily be misplaced or lost
  • In the handles we’ve designed a stripper that measures and strips the correct length of jacket every time. In other words, no guess work and no rulers
    Modular Plug Presser with dies and holster
    Modular Plug Presser with dies and holster

    The handles can also be reversed making the tool just as user friendly for someone who is left-handed as it is for someone who is right-handed. No other tool offers this simple practical feature.

    The presser’s patented mechanical design multiplies your pressing efforts by more than 20 times. During use, a ratchet in the handle prevents premature release and a mechanical stop prevents overpressing. Interchangeable dies assure versatility, and snap in and out with a press of the thumb. A positive MPP detent securely locks the die in place. We also offer a harness-quality leather presser holster with belt loop and spare die pouch to keep everything you need right at hand.



    Presser Ordering Information

    70630Presser w/holster and #4 & #6 dies1 lb. 11 oz. (.765 kg)
    70631Presser w/holster and #8 die1 lb. 9 oz. (.709 kg)
    70632Presser w/holster and #B8 die1 lb. 9 oz. (.709 kg)
    70633**Presser w/holster and #6 die 1 lb. 9 oz. (.709 kg)
    70635Presser w/holster and #6 & #8 dies1 lb. 11 oz. (.765 kg)
    70636Presser FIOS Compatible and #A8 die1 lb. 9 oz. (.709 kg)
    **This tool (70633) has been modified to crimp the DECconnect (MMJ) modular plugs. With the appropriate dies, it is still compatible to crimp all other types of plugs.


    Dies Ordering Information

    17064#4 Die for handset plugs 4 x 4
    17065#6 Die for all RJ11 plugs including:
    2 x 6, 4 x 6, 6 x 6 stranded plugs 3PR 24GA solid wireplugs, DECconnect (MMJ) plugs**
    17066#8 Die for RJ45 plugs including:
    8 x 8 stranded plugs except those manufactured by AMP 4PR 24GA solid wire plugs
    25943#A6 Die for AMP RJ11 plugs
    17095#A8 Die for AMP RJ45 plugs including those for stranded, solid and shielded wire
    17100#10 Die for RJ50 10 x 10 plugs
    17097#B8 Die for 4 pair UTP Cat 6 and Brand Rex (Unicon™) plugs in an RJ45 configuration
    17126#A6S Die for AMP RJ11 shielded plugs
    25547#S8 Die for GMP's shielded RJ45 plugs.
    These plugs are used on shielded twisted pair (STP) cable
    **Requires the presser to be modified at the factory to crimp DECconnect. Each die weighs 2 oz. (.056 kg)

    Modular Plug Presser