Eliminate searching for up to 38 individual hand stamps. By simply rotating the character wheel with your thumb and forefinger, characters can be changed quickly and precisely. For ease of arrangement and orientation, the wheels are indexed with the character configuration on the side of the wheel facing the user. Rigidly constructed and well balanced, the single wheel rotary stamps provide an efficient means of stamping individual characters.
  • Each of these tough dies is constructed from hardened tool steel and produces clear, highly legible 3/16 in. (4.8mm) figures for identification that’s practically indelible on tools, lead cable tags or stubs
  • The numbering die roller has 0-9, X and –
  • The lettering dies include A-M on one roller, N-Z on otherOverall length of each die: 3 5/8 in. (92mm)


Ordering Information

66881Numbering Die8 oz. (227g)
66880Lettering Dies (Set of two)1 lb./set (453g)

Numbering/Lettering Dies