Penta Buster


This unique tool is a patented, multi-pupose solution to the nagging industry problem of cleaning debris from the area surrounding the fasteners used in external ground service boxes.

The tool grinds away the debris around service box enclosures with a ratchet that produces “teeth” that disappear at the flip of the wrist.

Removable T-handle allows the base to be used with a standard 1/2″ drive ratchet.

P/N 33941 works with our manhole bolts 84530 and 84531.


  • Underground Electrical Utility Boxes
  • Underground Telecommunications
  • Underground Water Valve
  • Underground Traffic/Street


9/16 in. Pentagonal Penta Buster
3/4 in. Hexagonal P/N 33940
3/4 in. Hexagonal Penta Buster
9/16 in. Pentagonal P/N 33941
Bottom view of the Penta Buster
Bottom view of the Penta Buster


Ordering Information

33940 3/4" Pentagonal Penta Buster 804-5
1 lb. (454g)
33941 9/16" Hexagonal Penta Buster 804-71 lb. (454g)
339383/8 to 1/2" Ratchet Adapter3 oz. (85g)