These Fluorescent orange shields weigh and cost less than metal shields, yet are more durable and user friendly when used.
  • The tough polyethylene body eliminates rust and resists kinks and “out of round” that plagues metal shields
  • These shields will stay “in round” and maintain a tight seal in a temperature range of -25° F (-32° C) to 140° F (60° C)
    8 in. Polyethylene Manhole Shield
    8 in. Polyethylene Manhole Shield
  • The 12 in. (305mm) High shield fits 27 in. (686mm) manhole frames on one side and 30 in. (762mm) side also has a 26 in. (660mm) size that works in manhole extension rings. These rings are sometimes present when a roadway has been repaved.
  • The 8 in. (203mm) High shield fits both 27 in. (686mm) and 30 in. (762mm) frames. Its shorter height makes it easier to store on a vehicle.
  • Each model is equipped with a wide band of high visibility Reflexite around the outside to increase visibility at night
  • Also included is one high quality, puncture resistant inflatable sealing tube to keep surface water and mud out of the manhole vault. The tube can be removed and place on either end of the shield depending on the manhole vault being sealed.

    NOTE: Prior to placing the shield in a manhole frame remove all debris such as stones, broken glass and sand that could damage the inflatable tube or adversely affect the usefulness of the shield.


Ordering Information

7002112 in. (305mm) Polyethylene Manhole Shield17 lbs. (7kg)
700208 in. Polyethylene Manhole Shield
14 lbs. (6kg)
7003927 in. diameter side replacement sealing tube1 lb. (454g)
7004924 in. diameter side replacement sealing tube1 lb. (454g)