The Protractor Pull Finder is used to determine the  in.break in. or deflection angle in utility pole lines.
  • It is composed of a screw pin attached to a stainless steel base. A stainless steel sighting arm and a half circle graduated in degrees arc from 0 to 180° both ways
  • The angle finder can also be used in staking new lines by screwing it into wooden rod or jacob staff and sighting stakes in tow tangents as described for existing poles
  • The angle finder can also be used with steel or concrete poles by using the jacob staff
  • For use, the angle finder is screwed into the angle pole and with the sighting arm set on 0°, a sight is taken on a pole in one tangent. The sighting arm is then rotated and a sight is taken on a pole in the second tangent. The deflection angle is then read on the half circle to the nearest degree.
  • A durable cowhide carrying case is also included

P/N 01190   Protractor Pull Finder   Weight: 8 oz. (.22kg)

Protractor Pull Finder