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Ramrod Powered Duct Rod Pusher
Ramrod Powered Duct Rod Pusher
With GMP’s Ramrod, the job of placing pulling lines in old or occupied conduits just got that much easier with less personnel. Now equipped with toneable duct rod.
  • Hydraulically powers the trailer mounted 1000 ft. capacity, 1/2 in. duct rodder in and out of conduits
  • Pushes and pulls with forces up to 300 lbs.
  • Rod speeds up to 130’/min (40 meters/min)
  • Accurately measures footage and speed with an electronic monitoring system that works in either direction. The readout can be scaled to feet or meters.
  • The fiberglass rod is placed directly back onto the cassette when pulling back
  • Features rod access area for wiping the rod clean during the pull back operation. Also comes with a package of rod wiper pads (P/N 32290)
  • A duct clamp for 1 1/4 in. ∅ innerduct is provided and other sizes available upon request (innerduct not provided)
  • Comes with a trailer mounted gasoline driven power pack and hoses
  • Has large locking storage box affixed to trailer for holding tools and accessories.
  • Traceable Rod Detection: Find, follow and map detectable duct rod and copper based cables that are located in nonmetallic duct. (P/N 33205)
  • Optional spare tire and carrier (P/N 88900)


Capacity: 1000 ft. ½” (12.7 mm) fiberglass rod – toneable rod standard
Speed: Up to 130’/min (40 mtrs/min)
Force: Pushes and pulls with forces up to 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Drive: Dual hydraulic motor tractor belt drive
Controls: Emergency stop switch, power on/off button, hydraulic on/off control valve, hydraulic pressure display gauge, directional lever, speed control, speed and distance indicator
Height: 52” (132 cm) Length: 136” (346 cm) Width: 79” (200 cm) Weight: 1400 lbs. (635 Kg)
Track: 72” (183 cm) Tires: 175-80×13 Hitch: 1-7/8 ball Lighting Connector: 4-Way Flat Wiring Connector

P/N 88900   Ramrod Powered Duct Rod Pusher   Weight: 1400 lbs. (635 Kg)

P/N 89191 Replacement Drive Belt Each (2 required) Weight: 3.36 lbs. (1.54 Kg)


Inner Duct Attachment Tool

(included with Ramrod)

This tool forms a quick and sturdy attachment point for the Power Duct Rod Pusher feeder tube in a hand hole or manhole. This eliminates the need to tie off to a ladder or some other point.
  • The three supplied sections connect to each other allowing you to increase the length.
  • The components have a baked enamel black finish and zinc plating for corrosion resistance.
  • Each section has a case hardened steel point for securing against the vault surface.
  • Supplied kit fits holes between 20 in. to 78 in..
  • Additional /replacement extension sections can be ordered separately to accommodate larger manholes.

P/N 89387   Inner Duct Attachment Tool   Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)

P/N 03504  12 in. Extension

P/N 32937   24 in. Extension


Duct to Duct Adapter
This easy to use accessory is used when rodding an occupied duct but also can be used on an empty one. The adapter securely and safely positions your rodder in line with the existing innerduct without disturbing the existing cable.
  • Quickly sets up with an adjustable wrench.
  • For use with any combination of 1 in., 1 1/4 in. and 1 1/2 in. innerduct.

P/N 89383   Duct to Duct Adapter   Weight: 8.4 lbs. (3.8kg)