1.75 in. Ratcheting Power Cutter


No other compact hand cable cutter offers you both the ease of use and sheer muscle power of these exceptional cutters.
  • Can easily accommodate 750 MCM copper power cable, 1000 MCM aluminum power cable or 300 pair 24 AWG communications cable without hesitation
  • Its maximum capacity is 1.75 in. (44mm)
  • This light weight tool features a rubber boot to lodge the stationary handle against your work surface and a strong ratchet to substantially multiply your effort. The efficient mechanical advantage created allows you to make clean one-handed cuts using only a fraction of the effort required by non-ratcheting cutters.
  • You’ll also notice how comfortable the molded grips feel in your hands
  • The tools compact design lets you cut cable in some of the tightest spots like junction boxes or manholes
  • A release lever allows the ratchet to disengage and the blades to open even in mid-cut
  • For safe storage, just turn the large knob on the safety latch to lock the handles closed de-activating the bladeshock_warning
    Warning: This tool should never be used to cut electrically live, steel or steel reinforced cable. 

P/N 01818   Ratcheting Power Cutter 1.75 inch   Weight: 2 lbs. 5 oz. (.96kg)

Ratcheting Power Cutter