A tough, easily maneuvered and portable frame that’s ideal for supporting any reel up to 50 in. (1270mm) in diameter. Order P/N 71669 for 36 in. (914mm) wide or P/N 71678 for 54 in. (1372mm) wide reels. Order P/N 71679 for large diameter reels up to 84 in. (2134mm) in diameter.
  • Two welded, rectangular steel members make up the frame
  • Designed for one-person handling
  • Will accommodate the Corning FlexNap™ cable reels
  • The frame is protected with a durable powder coat finish to prevent corrosion
  • P/N 71669/71678 have a 1200 lb. (544kg) load capacity. P/N 71679 has a 500lb. (227kg) load capacity
  • 2 1/2″ diameter spindle bar included


Ordering Information

Reel Buck with 42 in. Spindle Bar for
36 in. wide drum/50 in. diameter drum
80 lbs. (36kg) Including spindle bar
71678Reel Buck with 60 in. Spindle Bar for
54 in. wide drum/50 in. diameter drum
90 lbs. (41kg) Including spindle bar
71679XL Reel Buck with 60 in. Spindle Bar for
54 in. wide drum/84 in. diameter drum
100 lbs. (45kg) Including spindle bar

After sliding the frames onto the spindle bar, maneuver the reel into position
Rotate the handles around the spindle and lift the drum into position
Reel Buck
Reel Buck

Reel Buck