Reel Lifter


This handy device makes your reel lifting, stacking and cable removal from a standing reel a breeze.
  • Can be used on reels weighing up to 4,500 lbs. (2040kg) (PN 70240)
  • Allows one person to do the work of severalTo use the Reel Lifter, position a reel on its side so that one hole in the reel is facing upward. Place the lifter inside the flange and mechanically raise the lifter by the top ring. A toggle at the bottom of the lifter, now inside the reel, will swivel “open” allowing the entire reel to be lifted for stacking or to remove cable.
    To remove the Reel lifter place the reel back on a flat surface and simply raise the lifter by the cylindrical body rather than the top ring. This will allow the toggle to remain “closed” and the entire lifter will come clear of the reel.


Ordering Information

Reel Lifter 3000 lbs. (1361kg)
Requires min hole diameter of 1-3/4”
6 lbs. (2.7kg)
70240Reel Lifter 4500 lbs. (2040kg)
requires min hole diameter of 2-1/2”
9 lbs. (4.1kg)

Reel Lifter