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An excellent tool for rodding duct, especially for long runs when working from either end
  • Two loops on one half and four hooks on the other half lock together when they meet in the conduit
  • The connecting ends of each half is outfitted with 3/4 in.-10NC threads for easy attaching to our Fiberglass Duct Rods or to our Continuous Duct Rodders using an adapter.

    Use the loop section of the Rod Grapple as a leader on the first rod, and push the rod into the duct. Then screw or attach additional rods to the last one in the duct and push them into the duct. Repeat this operation until the leader appears in the next manhole.

    In the case of a long duct section, rods may be pushed into the duct from each end. The first rod entering the duct from one manhole should be equipped with the loop part of the Rod Grapple, and the first rod entering from the other manhole should be equipped with the hook part. When the rods meet, twisting will engage the two halves and then all of the rods can be pulled through the duct.


Ordering Information

06931Rod Grapple2 lbs. (.9kg)
31501Rod Grapple Adapter - Male3.68 oz (.105kg)r
31502Rod Grapple Adapter - Female 3.68 oz (.105kg)
89386Rod Grapple Adapter for use with Continuous Duct Rodders
Set (both Male and Female) 3/8-16 to 3/4-11
7.36 oz (.210kg)

Rod Grapple