Discontinued-No longer available for sale

Due to popular demand for the electric start 42-inch capstan Sidewinder, we discontinued the pull start version. 

The GMP SideWinder Trailer-Mounted Fiber Optic Puller SideWinder Fiber Optic Pullerhas been designed to exceed the requirements of installing underground telecommunication cables, employing a 32 in. diameter single capstan to provide a controlled force to the pulling rope or tape.

The single capstan allows the winch to be placed at the midpoint of a section to assist in the pull, thus enabling longer pulls to be achieved.

  • The Sidewinder’s capstan is angled at 45° to be used to figure 8 the cable
  • Controls are operator-friendly and very simple to use. A spring-centered lever controls the direction of rotation of the capstan, while a detented lever engages the take-drum drive. A control knob is used to limit the rope/cable tension using the panel-mounted tension indicator.
  • The winch is mounted on a sturdy all-steel fabricated chassis. It is equipped with torsional suspension axles, stabilizing prop legs, a front telescopic jockey wheel, and a tow bar with a Lunette Ring
  • At 1400 lbs., the unit is easily pulled by a standard pickup truck
  • The power source is a Commercial grade Honda GX390 gasoline engine
  • The engine drives the fixed displacement tandem-mounted hydraulic pumps. One pump powers a hydraulic motor through an in-line planetary gearbox to the capstan; while the second pump drives the rope take-up drum through a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic pump is attached to the engine via a bell housing and flexible coupling.
  • The hydraulic oil tank is fitted with double filtration protection, sight glass, and filler/breather
  • The rope take-up drum is removable and can be split to enable the removal of the rope. The capstan can be rotated through 90° on a swivel bracket from the inline working position to the transverse transit position when in tow. When the winch is in working mode the rear props are extended out of the chassis to provide greater stability.
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    • Shown above, the Sidewinder's capstan is angled at 45° to be used to figure 8 the cable

Shown above, the Sidewinder’s capstan is angled at 45° to be used to figure 8 the cable

Ordering Information

P/N 70605   SideWinder Pull and Assist Winch with 32-inch capstan   Weight 1400 lbs.

Max. Pulling Capacity1100 lbs(500kg)
Max. Rope Speed 200 ft/min(60m/min)
Capstan Diameter32 in.(813mm)
123 in.(3124mm)
Overall Width:
69 in.(1753mm)
57 in.(1450mm)
1400 lbs.(635kg)
60 in.(1676mm)
Tire Size:F78-14205/75D14
Hitch Coupling:Lunette Ring (Pintle Eye) (P/N 32672) (See optional configuration below)
Lighting Adapter:7-Pole RV Blade Type (P/N 29399) Supplied as standard (See optional configurations below)
Power Supply:Honda GX390 13 HP, Recoil Start, Overhead Valve, Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve, 1.5 Gallon tank
Load indication:Calibrated gauge bezel
Main Drive:Fixed displacement tandem pumps to fixed displacement high torque motors.
Gear Box:In-line planetary gearbox (capstan drive)


Optional Hitch Configuration

These drop-forged couplers offer spring-loaded collars which provide automatic and positive-action coupling, ensuring a snug fit onto the hitch ball. This is the only ball type coupler offered.

P/N 34365    2 in. Ball Type Coupler    Weight:10 lbs. (4.5kg)


Optional Lighting Adaptors
4 Pole (Round) Pin Type P/N 34363
4 Pole (Round) Pin Type
P/N 25888
4 Pole Flat Molded (Flat 4-Way) P/N 29696
4 Pole Flat Molded (Flat 4-Way)
P/N 29696
7 Pole Pin Type Connector P/N 34364
7 Pole Pin Type Connector
P/N 34364
7 Pole Blade Type P/N 34363
7 Pole Blade Type
P/N 26678

SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller