These soldering irons are not made of iron but of 100% forged copper that’s swaged onto the end of a one-piece steel shank. Pyramid shaped on the working end and a solid wooden handle on the other to help keep the heat away from your hand.

Non-electrical coppers are used in pairs. This is done so one copper can be used while the other is heated. The size designation of coppers refers to the weight (in pounds) of TWO copperheads; thus a reference to a pair of 4-pound coppers means that each copperhead weighs 2 pounds. Heavy coppers are designed for soldering heavy gauge metals, and light coppers are for thinner metals. Using the incorrect copper size usually results in poorly soldered joints or overheating.


Ordering Information

P/NSize Designation Stamped on Item
67221 21 lb (.45 kg)
67220 31-1/2 lb (.68 kg)
67222 42 lb (.90 kg)
67223 63 lb (1.4 kg)

Soldering Irons