Split Cable Feeder


These feeders give you the same tough construction as our standard feeders with the added benefit of dividing in half for fast, easy removal without needing an end of the cable
  • All exposed edges of the 90 in. (228cm) Main split Feeder and both feeder extensions have a protective plastic coating protecting the cable and user
  • The series of latches allows for easy opening and closing of both the body and ends of the feeders
  • Excellent use for high-density fiber applications. Provides a continuous path through the manhole

This style of feeder is ideal for pre-connectorized cables to avoid having to cut and splice the cable to remove the feeder.

These are also an excellent idea for particularly long runs of cable allowing “figure-8 types” of installation. Pull in a portion of your cable in one direction from a mid point, remove the feeder and the remaining cable on the reel, set up in the other direction with the second cable end and finish the pull.


Ordering Information

888304 in x 90 in. Split Main Cable Feeder38 lbs. (17kg)
888314 in x 36 in. Split Ext Cable Feeder23 lbs. (10kg)
888324 in x 90 in Split Ext. Cable Feeder38 lbs. (17kg)

Split cable feeder in use